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by : Dink Collective

The ______ Agenda

For too long the ____ have had an agenda. Now that they have succeeded (377A repeal means Singapore is now equal, right? 🤪), it's time for you to rewrite the agenda. It's time to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!!!

Whether it's the revival of 70s fashion or bringing down capitalism, share your #1 cause on that stage. What would you campaign at Hong Lim Park for?? What does your placard say??


This is a democratic open-mic: for the first time ever, we'll be voting on the agendas presented with candy 🍬🍫 🍪 🍡 🥜 🍭 Bring your own, or buy some at the door. And yes, open-micers get to bring back all the candy they've won!) It's time to grandstand in the board room. Sign-up for your slot here!

This is a Pride special, so we're only accepting queer open-micers, but everyone is welcome to join the audience, regardless of how you identify! (Ya, we're early lah, June got a lot happening ok.)

Dink Collective

dink is an open-mic night that has been running since 2012. We are a space for artists across all mediums to experiment and fail (because you need to make mistakes and grow as an artist, always!) You can find us on Instagram and on Facebook