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by : Apsaras Dance Company

‘VARADARĀJAM UPĀSMAHĒ’ by Harinie Jeevitha

‘VARADARĀJAM UPĀSMAHĒ’ by Harinie Jeevitha is a thematic production based on the Brahmotsavam of Varadaraja Swami of Kancheepuram. This presentation attempts to encapsulate the grandeur of the Uthsavam, majesty of the Lord’s strides in lightning-like speed, the splendrous sight of ‘Kulukkal’ of the Uthsava Moorthy charging the ambience with immense Bhakti for the Lord—the giver of infinite boons.


About the artiste:

Harinie Jeevitha is a dedicated artiste who has been learning the art of Bharathanatyam from the age of six. With the able guidance and training from her teacher, Dr. Smt. Sheela Unnikrishnan, Harinie has come a long way in proving her artistry in this field with grace and vitality, carving a niche for herself as one of the most promising artistes of her generation. She had her Arangetram in 2006 and has been performing extensively since then. Being a regular solo performer in Chennai’s Music and Dance Season, she has had the opportunity to perform for esteemed Sabhas such as The Music Academy, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Narada Gana etc. Harinie has presented about 70 solo Bharathanatyam performances so far. Apart from presenting her art in many avenues in Chennai, Harinie has performed all over India as well as in Norway, Singapore, Muscat, Canada, Sydney, Melbourne and Sri Lanka. She has been invited to conduct workshops for students in India as well as countries abroad.

Over the last few years, Harinie has been emerging as a budding choreographer, conceiving and creating original works. Her works are based on thorough research, understanding and internalisation, and have been acclaimed by art connoisseurs. Apart from choreographing solo pieces of the Bharathanatya Margam, her first solo thematic production, ‘VARADARAJAM UPASMAHE’, based on the Brahmotsavam of Kancheepuram Varadarjaswamy, conceived and choreographed by Harinie Jeevitha has been receiving rave reviews from art experts and Rasikas.

Critical Acclaim

Harinie Jeevitha’s performances have touched the hearts of Rasikas all over the globe through Sridevi Nrithyalaya’s YouTube channel, and has also earned appreciation from scholars and experts of the art form.

Words of critical acclaim-

  • Smt. Nandini Ramani in her review said, “Time stood still when Harinie performed the ‘Eternal Dance’. She received a standing ovation.” (2015, Sruti)
  • “... (Harinie) has it all: a personable presence, excellent sense of timing, grace, agility, perfection in execution, an expressive face and palpable passion.” (Rupa Srikanth, 2015, The Hindu)
  • “Harinie is a very promising soloist. She has the charm and grace of the old world and yet keeps her dance very firm- footed in the now.” (Veejay Sai, 2017,
  • Leela Venkataraman’s review- “Harinie Jeevitha, disciple of Sheela Unnikrishnan had amazing control and her ability to hold even the oordhva tandava posture in rocklike stillness was unbelievable.” (2017, Sruti)
  • “Harinie’s dance sparkled with her attractive stage presence, commendable mastery over nritta, graceful movements, and phenomenal stamina.” (V.V. Ramanai, Sep 2, 2022, The Hindu)
  •  “The entire dance choreography was by Harinie herself, and it must be appreciated that she has, at such a young age, put together such a magnum opus single-handedly.” (Oct 2022, Sruti)
  • “Harinie is a proficient dancer” (Leela Venkatraman, Jan 27, 2023, The Hindu)

With her consistent hard work and a deep sense of devotion and surrender to the Art, Harinie has carved a niche for herself as a promising soloist amidst her generation of Bharathanatyam artistes. Harinie holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Masters in Bharathanatyam from Tamizh University, Thanjavur. She is a faculty member of her Teacher’s institution Sridevi Nrithyalaya. Harinie Jeevitha is also a passionate poet who has published an anthology of her poems, ‘PERSPECTIVES: An Illustrated Anthology’.