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by : TJMC Indian Cultural Society


Get ready to experience a groundbreaking cultural celebration like never before with AARAN - MULTIVERSE UNLEASHED, the inaugural LCU-themed night meticulously crafted by students!


Two students stumble upon a universe-traversing Chakram, unwittingly entangling themselves in a cosmic struggle against drug kingpin Victor Raj. Teaming up with Welfare Lecturer Aaryan Rudhrajayan and MSH Agents Sathya and Mithran, they race to thwart Victor's plan to enslave teens across dimensions using Divinorium infused Tobacco Cigarettes. Will this unlikely alliance prevail, or will evil triumph for the first time, plunging the multiverse into darkness?

Immerse yourself in a first-of-its-kind theatrical production that ingeniously explores the essence of Indian culture. But the excitement doesn't end there! Following the intermission, our unique approach unfolds in a live stage play, delving into the aftermath of the story with a blend of entertainment and thought-provoking narrative.

Beyond the lively festivities, this event is a catalyst for igniting awareness and emphasising the paramount importance of preserving Indian culture among teenagers. Say goodbye to the conventional—the night promises a fun-filled exploration designed to captivate, educate, and create a lasting impact. We're shattering norms to showcase how cultural values can be not just celebrated but cherished, embraced, and passed on to future generations, all while ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Concerned about heavier topics? Fear not! AARAN - MULTIVERSE UNLEASHED tackles real-life challenges, including the impact of substance abuse on cultural heritage. Rest assured, we strictly adhere to IMDA's Media Classification Guidelines, ensuring a responsible and meaningful experience for our audience.

Don't miss out on this cultural rollercoaster that transcends the ordinary night out—it's a journey of self-discovery and communal pride. Secure your tickets now for AARAN - MULTIVERSE UNLEASHED, where culture meets creativity in the most extraordinary way!