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by : Apsaras Arts

Darshana Series: Pathi

"Pathi" by Nitya Sriram delves into the enigmatic stature of this godly figure as he transitions from an ascetic to a compassionate being of boundless love.



Recount the lore of Lord Shiva, the divine master of the cosmos, revered as both a sage and a familial guardian."Pathi" by Nitya Sriram delves into the enigmatic stature of this godly figure as he transitions from an ascetic to a compassionate being of boundless love.

About the Artiste

Nitya Sriram is a talented Bharatanatyam artist who has been training under the guidance of Guru Sreeliji Arun at the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society. She completed her diploma in Bharatanatyam and received the Natya Visharad Title Award from SIFAS in 2017. Nitya has performed as a solo artist in various festivals, including the SIFAS Festival and Bhaskar's Arts' Bhaskareeyam Festival in Singapore and Chennai. Since 2021, Nitya has been a company dancer with Apsaras Arts Dance Company and has performed in multiple productions over the past two years in Singapore, Chennai, and France, including the prestigious Madras Music Academy Dance Festival.
About Darshana
DARSHANA dance series is an initiative that recreates the ancient setting where the audience and the soloist share an intimate experience of "Sahrdya" - oneness with each other. DARSHANA presents solo performances across the genres of Indian classical dance, featuring promising senior dancers presenting curated thematic performances, and also showcases the YUVA MAHOTSAV edition, where the focus is on young emerging Singapore-based Indian classical dancers. With programming and presentations throughout the year, DARSHANA promises to be a captivating and educational experience for all dance enthusiasts.